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Steyn City


HDD Africa assisted with the installation of new services at Steyn City under contract to Dip Civils. 

  • Date: Oct – Dec 2014
  • Client: Dip Civils
  • Project Type: Gas Line, Water, Fibre and Sewer services.

About this Project

With a backlog of bores, meeting Dip Civils deadline became critical at their site “Steyn City Gauteng”.

  • Bores totalling 11 200 meters were completed on this project,
  • Boring under a the new golf course tee box installing;
    • 1 x 450mm HDPE pipe,
    • 2 x 160mm HDPE pipes, 
    • 4 x 110mm pipes, and
    • Completed 1 week ahead of schedule.

HDD Africa started the first bore in October 2014 and completed the last in December 2014. When all was said and done, bores totaling 11200 meters were completed weeks ahead of time, connecting water, gas, fibre and sewer to mainlines and gave Dip Civils peace of mind.

We were under a tight deadline to complete every bore and meet  Steyn City’s milestone chart. One of our proudest moments was completing a bore totaling 163 meters ( 1 x 450mm HDPE pipe 2 x 160mm HDPE pipes and 4 x 110mm pipes)under a new golf course tee in 1 week and ahead of schedule.

Customer  Project

HDD Africa was contracted to install 6 x 630mm HDPE pipes.

  • Date: 26 April 2019
  • Client: ??? 
  • Project Type:  Project

About this Project


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